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My recent projects focus on presupposition projection, the semantics pseudo-incorporation and the syntax of agreement in Western Armenian, as well as the semantics of plurality.


  • Presupposition projection from 'and' vs 'or': Experimental data and theoretical implications (with Florian Schwarz) [Manuscript (Under review for the Journal of Semantics); this supersedes the LSA 2021 paper]

  • Deriving the (a)-symmetries of projection (Limited Symmetry) [forthcoming NELS 52 paper]

  • Presupposition projection from coordinations of polar questions: A reply to Enguehard 2021 [Manuscript (Under Review at Natural Language Semantics)] 

  • Presupposition projection from the scope of quantifiers: A novel approach [Forthcoming paper in the Proceedings of the Amsterdam Colloquium 2022] 

  • To parse or not to parse: symmetric filtering in negated conjunctions [Poster presented at XPRAG 2022]

Agreement and Pseudo-Incorporation:

  • Non-Agreement in Western Armenian. [NELS 51 paper]

  • Bare singulars and pseudo-incorporation in Western Armenian [SALT 31 paper]

Singulars and Plurals:

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